Concept of Man in Comparative Perspective

Iqbal. A. Ansari



Today under the inspiration of the worldwide Human Rights Movement man his dignity and rights, his welfare and development are increasingly receiving attention of scholars, institutions and governments. The present book being a collection of articles most of    which were presented in a seminar on the Concept of Man in Comparative Perspective organised by the Institute of Objective Studies ,makes an attempt to understand how world religions and secular ideologies have variously viewed man, his origin, his faculties, powers disabilities and limitations. The book thus presents a rich variety of concepts of man in Hindu scriptures, in Buddhist and in Christianity, Islam and Sikhism alongside the Renaissance and Radical Humanist concept of man and his destiny.

Contents : Introduction 2.A note on the concept of Man in Comparative Perspective -Defining the scope of Seminar (Iqbal A Ansari) 3.Concept of Man in Ancient Hindu Sources (SP Singh) 4.The concept of Man in Early Buddhism (Sanghasen Singh ) 5. The Human in the Holistic Christian Tradition-Medieval and Contemporary (G Gispert-Sauch S J ) 6.The Christial Concept of Man (Sebasti L Raj S J) 7. Islamic Concept of Man (Asloob A Ansari) 8.Concept of Man in Quran (Iqbal A Ansari) 9.The Concept of Man According to Sikhism (J S Neki) 10.The Concept of Man in Islam (Abdul Haq Ansari ) 11. Adam and Eve in the Quran (Iqbal A Ansari ) 12. The Renaissance View of Man (Masoodul Hasan ) 13. Man and Modern Society ( V M Tarkunde)

The Editor: The Editor: Iqbal A. Ansari (b. 1935) joined the Aligarh Muslim University in 1962 and retired from there as Professor of English in 1995.His publications include the following books: The Muslim Situation in India (Sterling 1989) Readings on Minorities: Perspectives and Documents Volume I & II (Institute of Objective Studies New Delhi 1996)Communal Riots, the State and Law in India, (Minorities Council of India, New Delhi 1997) Prof. Ansari has contributed a large number of articles on human rights, minorities ,Muslims and Islam to books journal and newspapers. His forthcoming book deals with inter-group violence and the role of law enforcement agencies in India.

Since 1977 Prof. Ansari has been actively associated with the human rights movement. In 1990 he founded with Justice (Retired) V.M. Tarkunde the Coordination Committee on Kashmir to monitor human rights situation and to promote dialogue on Kashmir. He is also the founder Secretary-General of the Minorities Council of India, which seeks to secure justice for minorities and their peaceful coexistence with the majority.

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