The visit of US President Mr. George Bush to India - Pakistan during March, 2006 gave birth/forced to think many questions to political pundits as well as to an ordinary man. Who is next............? The worldwide demonstrations, protests, burning effigies, spirit of unrest, displayed posters show "Enemy of Peace,  Murderer Go back etc., etc." besides India-Pakistan's opposition parties and public too involved in these agitations. This type of tight security measures, demonstrations and riots were not followed during the visit of Mr. Bill Clinton, ex-president of USA.  Wherever, Clinton went / visited, he enjoyed the charismatic command of love and hearty welcome from the public.

Are we not going to miss something like moral integrity, identity, while proudly calling India the largest democracy of Asia? Both integrity and identity are correlated with each other. The phenomenon of sincere hard work and strong dedications will only bring national identity and integrity for a nation. "The Holy book of Qur'an states, the cannon of justice demands that when we desire good things for ourselves should always be unequivocally wish the same for our brothers, neighbours and for other nations too", is the essence of democracy in its broadest sense. The same statement had been reflected in the other two Holy testaments of Mosses and Jesus. Obviously in the absence of just equilibrium, the democracy would be converted into mockery. Wherever the dual views and characters are existed, justice will be discriminated and there always imbalance of power-region. In the absence of just balance of power, neither a nation can progress nor could it be survived.

Upon searching our hearts, we sincerely conclude that the Big Boss has pressurized India to support Security Council resolution (s) to ease the implement of U.N sanction (s) against Iran after the episodes Afghan and Iraq.   Profoundly India - Pakistan were very incredible neighbour enemies. They fought three wars in the subcontinent and now they are incredible two nuclear friends of Asian region. There were no sanctions, though their public is living below poverty line and there are daily reports of deaths due to misery and starvation. Pragmatically, both the countries are enjoying very perfect balance of power and looking cricket mania to improve / strengthen further bonds of friendship and bilateral relations in trade and commerce.

Should India, the champion of non-aligned countries wish to defame and relinquish its identity and integrity of Non-Alignment Movement and listed in Aligned Nations to vote against the death warrant of Iran? Should the UPA govt. at center wish to renounce Iran's cheapest energy gas pipe line to further aggravate the sufferings of more than billion public? What is the difference of so called secular UPA govt. and the BJP ideology on this affair? Should UPA consider only the vote bank.........? Public wanted to know the real colour of Congress-UPA govt., is also the same, as it was displayed by the (late) prime minister of congress govt. Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao. Is it not the moral duty of CPI, CPM and Samajwadi Parties etc, (Mr. Amarsingh & Mulayam) to review their support to the present Congress UPA govt. at center?

Is it not the high time unity between India-Pakistan, Indonesia etc., etc., nations to form Asian Security & Economic Council on par with western UNO to desist against the war games of western Democracy? Otherwise, Herculean sword is hanging over our heads demanding "who is next..........?g 

With High Regards